Abandoned rail line in Trafford could be re-opened soon

A rail line that goes over the A56 Manchester Road in Broadheath towards Partington could see it being re-opened again.

Heritage Railways are looking likely to re-open the line, it would be a huge attraction for Trafford, which will see steam trains going from Timperley and Broadheath out towards Partington and into Salford.

This would bring many benefits to Trafford and Salford, a new route for people and will no doubt help HIMOR as it builds the new Carrington village, it will also stop unwanted anti social behaviour at the Partington end of the line.

We are also hopeful that beside this track could see a cycle path, this will be one super route for both rail user and cyclist, taking them (cyclists)  off the very dangerous Sinderland Lane, which is used similar to a Formula 1 test circuit.

News4Trafford have contacted heritage railway for comment and will update the article once we get a response.

Categories: Broadheath, Partington, Salford

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