Stretford park run appeals for volunteers to help them this Saturday

The run which takes place inside Longford Park in Stretford attracts all runners of all ages, it is a great way to get fit and meet new people.

This run is scheduled to take place on Sept 9th at 9am,though cannot take place unless they get an extra eight volunteers to marshal the course, this is for runner safety and other things that keeps everything working smoothly.

You can also join in on a park run at Stretford by registering for your first run, you will be sent a barcode and you must bring this with you, you will not need to keep registering to run for future events, remember the run is completely free of charge, just turn up!

The run in Longford Park is approximately 5K, the run as we have said needs just eight more volunteers, to add to a fairly large group of volunteers.

If you want to volunteer for the day, or for all events, or if you are just looking to go for a nice run around the park click this Link



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