Vodafone customers hit hard in the pocket when going abroad

If you are on a pay monthly deal with Vodafone you will have been notified about a mandatory no ‘opt in or opt out’ roaming charge hen you use your phone abroad.

When you travel beyond all EU countries you will be charged £5 per day if you use your phone, so you go to the US and text only one time, this will cost you £5.

Customers of Vodafone have been shocked by the new daily charge, the new “Roam-Further” on your tariff started at the end of last month for all customers, old and new.

We suggest if you are going to any of the countries listed HERE to leave your pay monthly sim at home in another phone so you do not lose it, or in a safe place and bring with you an alternative sim card that offers you good value and no gigantic charges.

You can choose a pay and go sim for this, although Vectone Mobile we have found hard to understand with the poor communications issues, they do offer very cheap rates abroad and no hefty charges, they use the EE signal.

Vodafone have been in the news about how bad customer services are, and the way they treat their customers is dreadful in most cases, this new daily charge will hit the company even harder since there is no ‘Opt-out’ which many people will feel is a complete farce.

The company though do offer some reasonable tariffs with handsets, although very pricey.


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