Bucklow St Martins

Aidan Williams and his Bucklow St Martins by election priorities

By now all will now be familiar that there is to be a by-election on Thursday in the Bucklow St Martins ward, and only we have been covering this as best we can to inform you of what is going on, more so in the Partington area.

One of the biggest issues in Partington and I would imagine the entire ward is with bad communications once a candidate has won, Partington needs a councillor surgery and Aidan has promised to get this sorted out if he wins, where people can go on a regular basis to talk about problems they have, not to just sit down with an iPad waiting for the next email to come along!

What do we know about the candidates in this by-election, we start with Aidan Williams, his Twitter feed is protected which is highly unusual, he lost in a local elections in 2014 in Broadheath, he is a socialist and seems a decent guy.

His politics though going off the very well made poster style leaflet that was pushed through just about everyone’s door in Partington is questionable, lets look at what he has said in detail.

Aidans priorities are:

  • Standing up for children and young people
  • Campaigning for improved public transport
  • Holding the council and Amey to account
  • Crime and community safety

All good things you would say, however Aidan says on every one of these priorities that he will either ‘Challenge’ or ‘Lobby’ to get things changed for the better, he will find it impossible since money from central government has not been enough and local government have needed to cut services and just about everything else to balance the books.

Partington has always had a transport issue, the thing that Aidan does not say is about road infrastructure, the key issues for Partington residents is building new roads, more so now HIMOR are to build this gigantic village in Carrington, despite the plans to widen the ‘Eastern’ side of Manchester Road, this will not be enough, once this huge village has been created, not to mention HS2 and the likely development just off Lock Lane in Partington.

Imagine now, 725 new apartments built, this huge village has now been completed, only one road in and one road out still, 550 new apartments built in Partington, still only one road in and one road out, now further imagine what it will be like on Manchester Road, Warburton Lane, Moss Lane, Sinderland Lane, can you see what a complete nightmare thsi will be? yes! I know you can! sadly the politicians and others involved with making the decisions to build all these new homes cannot!

Aidan needs to do something that the other two councillors did not (if he does win) and that is to look at everything now and in the near future, shop infrastructure will need to be improved, the current shops and takeaways would not cope with such demand, Oak Road will need to have a shopping centre built, the current one is way past its sell by date and brings with it some undesirable people, which is not what the area needs.

Whoever wins needs to look at what the housing association ‘has’ done and is doing to tackle ASB and who gets a place and who does not, its vetting procedures in the past have been a complete disgrace, and some staff within that complex on Wood Lane are not doing a great job, often not motivated, do not care, this kind of attitude! the service they provide is just shocking, truly shocking! it is understood that residents voted that lot in, so we cannot work out why they have not been voted out, and bring in a more responsible organisation, that cares about the people, that does not let undesirables in to any of its properties and more important that the staff understand the tenancy agreement, as of now they have all proven beyond all doubt ‘they do not fully understand it’

Holding the council and Amey to account is fine and he would be right to do so, but what can he do,  for Partington? well look at what the others have done as a guide! and from there you can draw your own conclusions.

Crime and other issues plague the area, and has without question has risen this year, Aidan cannot do a thing, only to hold meetings, the issue here is lack of police numbers, and without government money he or no one can do a thing about it, so residents are left scratching their heads.

Partington needs new infrastructure, these candidates need to understand what people are needing,and what is possible, the wording in Aidan’s priority booklet is at best a pipe dream.

Aidan says in his leaflet about One Trafford and its problems everyone is aware off, but in Partington and for months we seen only a tiny bit of fly tipping, the bins are now being cleared more regular, potholes are a thing of the past, I don’t think the green bin charge is that much of an issue.

He says he will do these things for Bucklow St Martins:

  • Hold regular surgeries offering an appointment to any resident requiring assistance
  • Keep in touch through a series of regular newsletters delivered all year-round, so that residents are updated on the work he is doing across Bucklow st Martins ward
  • Offer home visits to residents as required – in particluar for those in need of support with social care and people who are carers – to ensure those most in need of help can access services quickly
  • Respond quickly and thoroughly to all telephone and email esquires

If he does get  regular surgeries in Partington, which could well be at the Health Living Centre on Central Road or elsewhere this would be the very first time a politician has done this in decades, we think this is a false promise.

Regular newsletters? email or leaflet? we think this is another one of his pipe dreams, it will be more likely to be in some poor quality publication in the area.

Home visits is what he must do if he gets in as a councillor, nothing special about that! and responding to calls and emails quickly cannot be guaranteed at any time since he will become a very busy man.

We wish Aidan well though, it is expected he will win, in what is also expected to be a very low turnout on Sept 14, we do wish all the other candidates all the best also, it does seem they are very quiet, which is a shame as we feel Trafford Labour in this ward has been weakened somewhat.


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  1. You state that residents in Partington voted in Your Housing. They did not. Harvest merged with Arena without any consultation of tenants. Indeed it was kept secret from the tenants of Partington until the deal was done. Even Board Members and Shareholders were kept in the dark. Perhaps one of our councillors could take up this final breaking of M&D’s offer document with Rob Brown at Manchester City Council. That council has a ‘life long interest’ in Partington and should be made aware that ALL promises voted on in 1996 are now broken.


    • Hi Maggie,many secrets have been going on in the area for too long, and we are here to expose those that have done wrong, we simply hate the housing group, within them walls is corruption, even more so when it was Harvest! can you contact us via our email? tell me more about what you know, and we can take it from there, email newsdesk@news4trafford.com


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