Old Trafford

Love Old Trafford Group holds a Rat fancy dress march to the council in protest at the poor service One Trafford provide

The group is to hold a ‘Rat’ fancy dress walk to Trafford Council HQ on Talbot Road in Stretford on September 25 where a council meeting is planned.

They will start the walk from St Johns Community Centre on St Johns Road in Old Trafford at 5pm, you can join in at any stage of the walk.

A rat fancy dress walk should be not only great fun, but also sends a powerful message to the council and of course to Amey that Old Trafford as with all areas of Trafford are getting fed up with the poor service they provide.

We have seen the fly tipping, and bins always full, and takes a lifetime just to cut the grass on our parks and verges, the One Trafford Partnership must get itself sorted out, Trafford will no longer tolerate anymore of this dreadful service they provide, groups are being set up all over the borough, and it’s come about purely because of the bad decision by the Trafford Tories to shove our front line services to a private company.

It was a truly a dreadful mistake by the Tories, I think all residents in Trafford understand that we need to save money, but expect a good level of service and they are simply not getting this, it is right for them all to shout loud that ‘We pay our council tax for this service’ and shout louder we say!

Old Trafford is a great area, and like everywhere else suffers with its fair share of issues, the people in the area really care about where they live, it is a strong community, and will fight with them to get the services they are entitled to get.

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