New outdoor fitness gym in Newton Park Timperley opens to the public

Newton Park in Timperley is a very small park that is situated near to Park Road and not far from Washway Road (A56) to the east.

For a long time the park, although well used had little for people to do whilst visiting, it has now! a new gym has been installed and is already a hit with local people.

Fitness activities, include: pull ups, push ups and sit ups, all designed to keep your core fitness in check, to make sure no one gets hurt, there is a shock absorber under all the metal frames.

The gym is much like the one in Cross Lane Park Partington although on a much smaller scale, and has been well used since its opening.

Newton Park like all parks have a ‘Friends of group’ and they are thrilled to have presented this to the public after they gained  money that was funded by private firms that helped pay for the gym.

The building that has been abandoned in the park which is a grade 2 listed building and over 110-years-old , really needs to be restored, made into a nice community centre and maybe a small shop for people coming into the park in the summer months.

The round garden that was once a place where drug pushers hanged out, is looking better although new plants are needed, this could be a great addition to this park once completed, much to do, but for now we can say for sure people can come to this park and have a good workout thanks to those in charge of the Friends of Newton Park Group and thanks to the private companies who helped in funding the gym.


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