Simple steps to take to defend yourself if attacked in the street

Times are changing fast, and all of us know how dangerous things are, we have put together a bullet list along with useful information on what to do if you have the unfortunate situation where you need to defend yourself or your loved ones.


Lets look at the things that people do that is putting them at risk of being mugged, or worse.

  • Head down when walking
  • Not scanning the environment
  • Taking short cuts
  • Mobile phone in the back pocket for all to see
  • Walking alone at night more so for a woman

Their are other things that could put you in danger, it could also be that you may be in the wrong place at the wrong time which does happen.

An attacker is more likely to attack someone who would not challenge him, but the same people he wants to attack, could do something about this and make themselves less of an easy target.

So you are a female, you go out of your house, nice day outside, walking down the street the same as you have always done, head down, not bothering what is going on around you, iPhone sticking out of your jeans, bag by your side and then you get pushed from nowhere, hardly anytime to do anything, it’s all happened in a flash, you find yourself on the floor, bag gone, mobile gone, and you have been hurt badly in the incident.

This is what you should have done, go out of the house, look all around you, scanning down the road both ways, mobile phone in a zipped pocket at the front , handbag held under the arm, your head is up, and a continued surveillance of your surroundings is on going, the attacker comes up, but because you have seen him well before he attacks you, you have time to make your escape, or to get into a shop, or if you feel unsafe to ring 999.

Martial Arts will help you with everything from confidence building to awareness, it will get you fitter, and make new pals along the way, it can be confusing which one to go for so I have made an easy to understand list of some martial arts to check out:

  • Aikido – best suited for a woman as it is a soft martial art, but takes years to learn.
  • Thai-Boxing – a great martial art for the streets, so long as you make it realistic and not for the ring, or for sport, its tough going and you will be able to defend yourself well enough after a year of training
  • Wing Chun – a brilliant martial art, you will learn fast and is designed for both men and women, depending on the instructor training is not brutal, there are three parts to the style and once you have completed all three, you will be on your way to being an attackers nightmare.
  • krav Maga – this system is not a martial art but something completely different, it’s the best self-defence style of all styles, so good police are trained in this system, it deals with everything and is very realistic, developed for the military, it has been watered down for civilians, but has the same concept and that is to take your attacker out-of-the-way in as little time as possible, training can be hard as you are mostly always in semi-contact, sadly this style because of how popular it is can be more expensive.
  • Western Boxing – of course this is not a martial art, but is a simple way of getting fitter and more confident, once you get into it, your reflexes will get better, you will have faster and harder punches, this is for both males and females, but since it’s all about punching and getting in the ring we think it’s better for men.
  • Ninjutsu – the ninja, you may have seen them in films, but the martial art is very real! it is much like Aikido, the use of joint locks and so on, there is also a spiritual side to Ninjutsu, it is great for women to learn as it’s a softer style, will take many years to be able to use anything you have learned, it is also hard to find a class now.
  • jiu-jitsu – a great martial art, again like Aikido and Ninjutsu, but with a big difference, you are taught how to fight on the floor, something we can say you must try not to do, always keep yourself standing, never take anything to the ground, but if it does go there, then if you have trained in jiu-jitsu, you will have a better chance of escaping, training in this can be brutal, but designed for both men and women.

Self defence classes that pop up are fine, they offer basic techniques, the only thing we suggest you do from this is, if you enjoyed it to get along to a martial arts class of your choice, as it is a fact that all the techniques you will have learnt at the self-defence course will have been forgotten a few weeks later.

Remember, it’s not about showing off your skills once you are good enough in the martial arts, it’s always about awareness, not getting yourself in that situation in the first place where you have to defend yourself.

Martial arts are a tool, use it, but remembering the best form of self-defence is your ability to scan your environment and not put yourself in the shop window for a potential attacker that will more often than not ‘come from nowhere.’



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