Old Trafford

The rats are coming protest sent a big message to the One Trafford Partnership

The protest held by the ‘Love Old Trafford’ group was attended by around 30 residents and councillors all protesting about the dreadful way the One Partnership has gone about its business.

Old Trafford residents have had enough and formed this amazing group, since Amey or One Trafford took control, after the Tories gave them a gigantic 25-year contract to do all of Trafford’s front line services things have slipped to very low levels.

We have seen public bins that have not been emptied for weeks, parks not looked after, vegetation issues, roads crumbling, them LED lights that people have had to get used to.

Amey is in regular contact with park groups and so on, One Trafford have had ample time now to get its act together, it’s just not happening! so the more this continues the more these types of protests will take place.

The message is louder, but is anyone listening? Trafford Tories are in charge of the ship, they steer us day in day out, sadly into a big mess! we have to blame them for this, but it is also them that can steer us into calmer waters, admit they got it wrong and cancel the contract, since Amey have not delivered on the contract.

It is unacceptable what is going on, not just in Old Trafford, but all parts of the borough, as the darker nights draw in, and the freeze of winter just on the horizon, residents in Trafford face an uncertain time, as roads crumble even more and fly tipping shows its ugly head.




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