Trafford fines Amey £153K but has no ideas what to do with it

Trafford’s issues with the Amey contract are obvious, and it was no surprise to anyone that they were fined for a breach of contract.

The figure we have seen is an estimated £153,000 a gigantic amount of money that could be used for community projects here in Trafford, as it currently stands the council are not doing anything with it, and residents are increasingly becoming frustrated at the lack of transparency and ideas by the council.

A Trafford Tory councillor told us that £600k was already allocated for roads, in the statement given by a council spokesman it clearly says “These funds will be re-invested in environmental/highway schemes”

Environmental schemes is a good choice, investing it all in cycling infrastructure would be one good idea, reducing pollution and getting people fitter is surely worth the money.

Councillors from all colours need to be on to this as soon as possible, making sure this money is used in the right way, and full transparency is given so the residents in the borough can at least know where this money has been spent.

More will follow….


Categories: Community, Trafford

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