Cyclist Safety

New road scheme at Stretford has left cyclists fuming

The new road layout at Stretford that has taken months of work and almost completed has left cyclists feeling very angry.

Cyclists took to social media last night to vent their anger at the way one section of the new path which is located on the south bound side ends up directly going into traffic.

We investigated and saw the fault, if any cars are coming to and from the car park, the cycle path leads you right in the road, which is very dangerous.

Councillors having seen a video that was circulating on Twitter  were disgusted with this new layout and wanted answers from the council.

Trafford have said that they are to fix the issue in the next week, this though has left many people irratated since why was this not thought about when it was being made.

Cycling is very dangerous on the roads of Trafford, and this is not an improvement at all, but a danger and has to be fixed with immediate effect.

Overall the work to improve things for motorists has been given the thumbs up, the crossing for pedestrians now in place looks fairly safe.

We suggest to cyclists not to be using the south bound cycle path until Trafford fix the problem.


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