Arriva bus strike this Thursday and two more coming up this month

Arriva Manchester are going on a national strike on October 19, 23rd and 30th which means you will have to find another way to get about.

If you live in Partington, this is very bad since residents rely on the bus service to Trafford Centre and to Altrincham,

We suggest if you need to get to the Trafford Centre or Urmston, get the 255 into Stretford and get the 22 or 23 busm you could also get the 15 or 256 into Urmston.

If you are going to Altrincham, you have only a few options, get a lift, a taxi or bike it.

Partington residents also can take the local link service, which you will need to pre book.

Anyone who get the 263 will have the option of getting the tram home, the 18 will be affected and other services in Trafford.

The strike is because of what unions call “Pitiful pay offers”



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