Attacks on firefighters goes up by 138% in Greater Manchester


Attacks on firefighters has sadly gone up by as much as 138%, and it is now time to end this madness, these brave men and women are only there to make people safe, putting their own lives at risk.

Throwing anything at them, is stopping them from working, that few seconds you decided to throw a brick or whatever, that same firefighter could be saving a life, and you will have stopped him or her doing this, it does not matter if it was not a family member or a pal, it’s a life that could have been saved.

Fire is dangerous, you cannot mess around with it, thinking its some game! even a small fire could become an inferno in seconds, we are talking to those who wish to participate in such madness, maybe you are in a gang, or maybe simply your mate thinks it’s a good laugh and you will get a chase! can you not do something better with your time?

Leave these amazing men and women to do their jobs, saving lives! who knows maybe they could one day save you, just imagine your house is on fire! do you know how scary this is? all your belongings gone! your iPhone melted! everything gone, and your trapped, cannot get out! can hardly breathe! then someone comes and rescues you, your alive! your family are alive, your pets are alive…all because of a firefighter or firefighters got you all out! and other emergency services waiting to help you once you got out.

Now imagine the scene, your still trapped, because some idiot thought it was clever to throw a brick at that firefighter who was just about to save you! your family and your pets!…..see what I mean! see how dumb it is now?

Manchester is a great place to live, we all should look after all of our emergency services, they are all there to look after us the best they can, help them by letting them get on with their job.

Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Beverley Hughes, said: “These attacks take up the extremely valuable time and resources of our emergency services and will not be tolerated.”




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