Fly Tipping

Has One Trafford turned a blind eye to one of the biggest fly tipping events in Trafford

We have done many articles about the issue regarding ‘fly tipping’ and of late to be fair to One Trafford only two big fly tipping events have occurred and one was removed soon after the report was given in, the other one is sadly becoming very large and can be found at a hotspot very close to the tip near Sinderland Lane.

Today we bumped into not one but three huge fly tips in the same area close to Crossford Bridge playing fields in Sale, and if that was not enough we saw another fly tip further on near Stretford tip.



A report on these fly tipping events has now been sent to One Trafford, and for both areas to be closed off, we could see someone actually lives close to the fly tipping in Sale, using what looks like a very big tent.

Fly tipping is a disgrace, we know that most of it is tradesman, trying to save money, the tips in Trafford will only take household stuff, and charge for other things, this is the source of the problem, something needs to be done about this charge.

A spokesman for Trafford tips said: “Anyone can come to all of our tips in the borough and dump up to 2 tonnes a year, it has to be household waste, and you can come in a van if you want so long as it’s under 6ft 2 ins.”


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