One Trafford

An interview with an Amey worker who spills the beans on what is going on at the council

We interviewed an Amey worker today who we can not identify, I  threw him all types of questions about what it is like to work for Amey.

He is like many other staff who have all said that working conditions are bad, and bosses are arrogant and communication at an all time low.

The worker told me that the delay in picking up rubbish from bins and on the roads etc are due to staffing levels, and of course and it was agreed most of the fly tipping is down to bin men going from a weekly collection to a fortnightly collection.

For those in Walton Park, the bowling hut belongs to the council, and the bowlers have no rights to close this off to any member of the public, and it needs someone to take some control over who gets the keys!

Plenty of times he mentioned about his shift, where he would do one area one week and the other the next, and it might be the one that was to cover his patch the week after could be either ill, or new to the job, or even the area, so when he returns he will have 8 days of rubbish to clear.

The interesting thing out of the interview was when he tells us that when it was Trafford it was just as bad, and had around 90 working, yet now Amey came in the workforce is only 40, and they sold most of the equipment, he then changed his mind and said 40 people was working with Trafford and that their was no real change in personnel.

The issue with One Trafford was simply numbers and equipment, I could sense a worker struggling to keep in the job, like all the others worried about loosing their jobs at the slightest murmur, so bad are the bosses according to the workers.

Moving operations to Wythenshawe was as mad as what we had heard, he could not tell me anything about the green bin charge, other than it was purely designed to get people to recycle, that money though that has been gained must surely go to local projects.

Trafford will see more cuts soon, it will hit front line services even more, just like the worker told us “If they take everything from us, it would be cheaper for them” this cannot happen you may say or think, look around you! it is happening and the biggest insult to you is the fact that you have to pay for it.

Your council tax is and always has been as bigger rip off than the TV Licence, both a fraud to the residents of boroughs in our cities and villages all over the UK, a scam so big that even the most nervous person will no longer put up with it, that day cannot come soon enough!

Love it or hate it, politics plays a huge part in your life, from the clothes you wear, to what you eat, almost everything is controlled by politics, government, it is the councillors that are who residents need to contact, and your MP’s to make sure Trafford residents get what they pay for, not what they have now….next to nothing!

We thank all Amey workers for talking with us, One Trafford have told us previously that they are dedicated to keeping Trafford clean and tidy, keeping the grass cut in our parks and improving the roads, spending millions on repairs, they have been on a recruitment drive and have bought some new equipment.

To date though One Trafford have improved things, faster times for reporting of fly tipping, and getting rid of it within 7 days on roadsides, roads are a constant problem, again though the worker told us the reason for the delays and all the patching up is because of a lack of staff, and they will not be quick to call a contractor to do a full resurface, like what was needed on Washway Road in Sale.

The total number of staff recruited is according to what we heard today, was just 4 people and very little equipment has been bought, this cannot be confirmed, but would be of no surprise to anyone.

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