Tories could give two private companies the power of arrest in a move that could cost £290m


Private firms G4S and Serco are to be given the powers of arrest under a new controversial move by the government that has alarmed many people.

Staff will be able to detain people for not paying fines from a court, it would mean that they could come to a property with a warrant, arrest that person at will, and do what they like! take everything from your home and with no one watching well your guess is as good as ours, it is then CCTV in your own home inside and out will be crucial.

The deal is to give both companies the right to arrest will be a staggering £290m although this figure is estimated.

The rules must be clear if this is to take place, as most know these people even now are going beyond their powers, we have seen dreadful scenes on YouTube of people being treated like dirt, people who have children, or even pregnant women being stressed, simply because enforcement officers are often power crazy, almost animals in some cases, can you imagine the same people having this power?

Of course! you should not be in that situation where a court has fined you, however with the money so scarce now, and people who are working trying to make ends meet, we can see why so many people fall behind with payments, it could also be that someone had a good job, but lost it and now find themselves with mounting debts.

We simply cannot afford for these people to have the power of arrest, they are not fit enough to hold such a power, it will also be very dangerous for those trying to arrest someone, some people will not accept it and become violent, putting staff members in more danger.

Maybe the government are thinking, it would be easier if we got private firms like G4S and Serco in the future to do something similar to the police, because now they have powers of arrest, this would not surprise anyone, as police numbers dwindle it could be a cheaper alternative! and with the opposition (Labour etc) doing verty little to stop the Tories, they may well be thinking along these lines.

It will also be rolled out to all bailiffs if the government gets their way, and that is really alarming, we urge councillors and MPs of the opposition, members of the public to stop this from going through.

The government is much like a mad dog with a long lead at the moment, someone needs to get hold of that lead and bring them back in so everyone in the UK including those stupid enough to be voting for the Tories in the first place can breathe again in some safety.



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