Is it worth paying crazy money for the new iPhone X?

As all the mobile phone operators and third party retailers gear up for the imminent release of what is Apple’s best iPhone to date, we ask you a simple question “Is it worth paying over the odds for this iPhone?”

The iPhone X is a little bit special though, with an almost Android look about it, no bezel, a super fast A11 Bionic processor, and a new way of unlocking your device, well new for the iPhone! with facial recognition.

A full rundown on the specifications can be found by clicking HERE

The price is what is causing most of the comments, be it on social media and many YouTube videos, the cost of owning an iPhone X will be £999 sim free, the cheapest way to get this handset is by going pay monthly and even then its much higher than what you would expect on a 2-year deal.

Carphone Warehouse has the cheapest deals, but require a big upfront payment, we saw a Vodafone deal with almost 30GB data, Unlimited mins and SMS for £56 a month with a one off fee of £200,

The cheapest deal though so far that what we have seen is with Virgin Mobile charging a normal £37 a month but limited to 1.2GB data 300 mins and Unlimited SMS and no up front fee! we suggest to go to the £40 a month tariff where it will give you 1,500 mins, 5GB data and unlimited SMS, great! you may thing…well hold on just a second, their is a snag, to get this amazing offer you need to sign up to a 3-year plan.

Although Virgin Mobile gives you that great deal, you could opt for a normal 2-year deal at just £55 a month, and no up front fee! we suggest going for the £58 a month tariff.

The important thing here is the “No upfront cost” if you was to take out a similar deal from Carphone Warehouse on Vodafone you would need to give them a whopping £200 up front.

The iPhone X will be limited, and is expected to have sold out by Christmas, so if you are in the market for this iPhone, you best get it pre ordered, if you are not bothered with the X you could opt for the iPhone 8 or 7, it is a fact that iPhone 7 sale have gone up and sales of the 8 have dwindled, EE tell us that they have not sold many of these handsets, as a result of poor demand for the iPhone 8, Apple have cut back on production of up to 50%

The new iPhone will be released in the UK on November 3.

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