Halloween is just around the corner we look at how it all started and the things you can do to enjoy the night

With Halloween tomorrow we take a look at when Halloween first started and where, we look at the most spooky places and look at some of the best horror films to rent or buy for a spooky treat this Halloween season.

Halloween began as the festival of Samhain. It was part of the ancient Celtic religion in Britain and other parts of Europe.

At the end of summer, the Celts thought the barrier between our world and the world of ghosts and spirits got really thin.

Christianity renamed  the day as All Hallows’ Eve – and later this was fully renamed Halloween as we know it today the day before All Saints’ Day on 1 November.

Many people take a trip to Alderley Edge in Cheshire for Halloween, it has some wizardry and druid connections, in the woods there is a druids circle where many people go during the night of Halloween.

The circle is not thought to have any significant prehistoric history having being built 200 years ago, it is the Holy well though that does have significant history having been built-in Anglo-Saxon times, the well has pagan links, and just because Trafford is so special, there is a wishing well called “De Trafford well”

Partington Coroners Wood is thought to be spooky, with the significant burial ground of hundreds of monks.

Their will be many other places in Trafford, and the great north-west where you could go to get really scared, with real ghosts at certain places, one good place you could try is abandoned buildings (enter at your own risk and always seek permission), more so the ancient ones, they are probably the best places to scare you during the witching hour of Halloween night.

If you wish to just watch a movie, well you’re in for a treat, there is a huge choice to choose from, we have selected our favourites below:

  • Exorcist
  • Pet cemetary
  • IT (Tim Curry)
  • American Werewolf in London
  • The conjuring
  • White Noise
  • Halloween films
  • Jason V Freddy
  • A nightmare on elm street films

That is just a selection, there are many more scary films out their for you to curl up on a sofa, and have a spooky enjoyable halloween night.


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