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A bigger additional mobile mast to be installed at the top of Circle Court flats in Stretford

A new huge additional mast is to be added to all the others on the roof of Circle Court flats on Barton Road in Stretford.

Trafford Council planning officers approved for the mast to be installed on a pole that is already on site which would mean it could have two on the one 15m pole, and for another one to be upgraded.

Mobile networks Three and EE are the applicants, although it is not known who the new mast belongs to.

Trafford approved the application as they say “The proposed dish is considered acceptable and will not unduly impact on the amenity
and visual appearance of the area.”

We are aware that you need to be over 100m away from a base station to be safe, and not safe at all next to a airwave base station or mast that emergency services use, Airwave masts pulse at brain wave frequencies, this is a known fact.

It is also a fact that without these masts we do not get any signal on our mobile phones, and Three as many know has the weakest signal of any of the networks, so it would be crucial for them to invest in such infrastructure.

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