Bonfire Night

Yobs attack fire crews with fireworks in Old Trafford

Firefighters last night Nov 4th saw a huge rise in call outs due to out of control fires and other things, demands on them at this time is stretching the service, and tonight being November 5th it will be stretched even more.

They are there only for your safety, to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable bonfire night, so it with sadness we have to report that a gang of around 20 youths attacked fire crews in Trafford last night.

The incident happened on Cornbrook Park Road in Old Trafford at around 7pm when youths started throwing fireworks at them, fortunately no one was injured and crews managed to escape.

Overnight firefighters were also attacked by youths in Salford, because of the threat, firemen and women wear CCTV cameras, and have cameras all around fire engines, if any of the firefighters or equipment is attacked, they will look at evidence and will take action.

You could also be caught on one of many of Trafford’s latest CCTV cameras which offer 4K definition and night-time vision that we have been told is so good it is like daytime, even with your face covered, you cannot cover up what you wear! so like a jigsaw puzzle, cameras will track your every movement, from that moment you injure a firefighter, paramedic or Police officer.



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