Air Pollution

The bonfire night air in Manchester sent air pollution monitors into meltdown

In Trafford we have some of the worst air pollution in the UK if not Europe, with more cars, vans, buses and taxis all spewing out toxic gasses, not to mention those who burn wood inside homes, who themselves are at risk from serious health issues.

With Bonfire night, you have to expect the air to be slightly worse, last night was ‘very’ worse with record-breaking pollution levels.

Pollution monitoring stations are dotted about the place and are very expensive to run, calls for more of these stations more so here in Trafford make perfect sense to us, below are the results of our toxic air, we have added only the highest amount and the time in which it was recorded.

Particulates are PM10 and the more dangerous 2.5, these are things flying about in the air so small we cannot see, and when we breathe them in they bypass everything and end up in the deepest part of our lungs.

Nitrogen Dioxide is from vehicles, and can be seen from the exhaust pipe, Diesel is the worst offender of Nitrogen Dioxide and particulates.

  • A56 – Stretford – Particulates – 11pm – 250 microns per cubic metre
  • A56 – Stretford – Nitrogen Dioxide – 8pm – 75
  • Near M60 at Urmston – Particulates – 10pm – 253 Microns per cubic metre
  • Near M60 at Urmston – Nitrogen Dioxide – 6pm – 40
  • Piccadilly Manchester – Particulates – 11pm – 500 microns per cubic metre
  • Piccadilly Manchester – Nitrogen Dioxide – 10pm – 80
  • Manchester Oxford Road – Particulates – 11pm – 450 microns per cubic metre
  • Manchester Oxford Road – Nitrogen Dioxide – 8pm – 340
  • Salford Eccles – Particulates – Particulates – Midnight – 440 microns per cubic metre
  • Salford Eccles – Nitrogen Dioxide – 8pm – 87

levels of particulates were still very high in Manchester City Centre at 8am this morning recording index 6 which is moderate, the calculations show that with bonfires mixed with other things creates a toxicity that is truly dangerous for human health.

Whilst we are not against bonfire night, we are very concerned about our air in Trafford and over the weeks and months we will keep an eye on things, as we fight to wake up all those councillors, the very people who are in place to represent all of us, to do something as soon as they can, they hold the keys to whatever happens in this borough, will they ever unlock the door to clean air?


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