Air Pollution

New road to an environmental nightmare to be created in Carrington

A new access road has now reached planning stage and is expected to be given the green light on November 16.

The road will be built close to SAICA paper factory and will be 193 metres in length, at the end of this new road will be a gas reserve energy reserve facility.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel, with pollution already off the scale in legal terms in Trafford, why would we need more pollution added to it? although this facility may not create a great deal of pollution due to its size, it is still a concern.

Looking further on into the near future, HIMOR who are due to build a gigantic village in the next couple of months and will take many years to complete, cannot be happy, with more and more polluting industries being built only down the road from where families will be living, surely this is now a real risk to human health.

With the risk of fracking in the area at anytime, we suggest to people to keep tuned in to what we uncover in the months and years ahead.

We see SAICA steam for miles around on a daily basis, that steam as they call it lands in other places, the same smell and taste in Partington, we have found at the back of the Sale West Estate! its toxic, other industries in the area also churn out pollution, so any road to create more of this toxic air is a road to an environmental nightmare.

You can view the full letter to Trafford Council planning by “Stor Power” HERE


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