Altrincham went all Star Wars for the Christmas lights switch on

It is that time again where every town has its own Christmas lights switch on, and tonight was the turn of Altrincham, which was well attended.

Kids and parents were getting a little bored having only a blue tent to look at, then suddenly the crowd turned its attention to the bridge area behind the make shift studio tent, Star Wars had come to Altrincham, one by one in a line as if they were on a mission they walked.

We did not expect to see them again, then they came out  towards us, one by one and this got the crowd very excited, photographers getting pictures, kids going crazy at what they have just seen, this was surely the spectacle of Altrincham’s Christmas lights switch on.

Key 103 Mike Toolan switched on the lights at around 5.30pm, the organisers got this one right, a superb idea bringing in Star Wars characters, one for others to better.

Categories: Altrincham, Christmas

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