Drone users in the UK will have to sit safety tests under new laws

Anyone wanting to fly their drone from spring 2018 will have to sit a series of safety tests as new legislation comes into effect.

Police will then have the power to bring down a drone or even take it away for evidence of any offences.

Drones can go to extreme heights, we checked some YouTube footage and have seen them go above the clouds before losing signal and crashing back to earth, we say though the majority of drone users fly their sometimes expensive drones safely.

We have heard of drones coming close to aircraft and some even crashing into one, this is madness! and not from a responsible drone user.

The legislation will enable more use of drones for everyday use, parcels and even medical supplies to remote parts, we feel though having safety tests is not the way forward.

Those that decide to go against the rules, legislation should be in place to get these guys who are caught in the act! that would be fair, for the legislation to hit the responsible user is calling him or her guilty before anything as even happened.

It is expected drone users will be doing petitions, one we will be signing, we agree safety is important, safety of aircraft uttermost in the mind, legislation should have responsible drone flyers in mind also, and it seems that this is not the case at this time.


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