Live streaming Footage deleted at last night’s Trafford council meeting

What we saw last night was either staged or a complete farce of the biggest kind, whilst before the motion by Trafford Labour to save the green belt at Flixton everything was going well, with cross party support for Broadheath community hub being the only positive.

As we have said in a previous article things started changing for the worse as the debate about building houses on green belt land got underway, we have issue though with the way Trafford Council or the operator in charge of the live stream paused everything at a time when the public needed to see what was going on.

The broadcast came back on, we needed to see the broadcast again and up to the moment the broadcast came back on, footage had seemingly been deleted, it could be a glitch or something more sinister, either way many people will put two and to together on this one.

We asked Trafford Council leader Sean Anstee and several other Tories including a Labour councillor and no one responded, other political people responded and questioned why the footage had been cropped.

Despite the statement by Trafford Labour last night, this does not help them in any way shape or form, it is comparable to two gangs in a playground, and one running off! that is how it has been taken, you fight your corner, in that way Trafford Labour did not fight they ran off.

What Trafford Labour did was hand more power the Tories last night, it did not shame the shameless, remember the Tories do not get it! at local or national level, they see only a narrow vision of what the world is, and that reality is very narrow indeed, so for Labour to walk out, hoping to ‘maybe’ shame them in some way, did nothing only to shame themselves.

We are contacting Trafford Council to find out if the footage last night was deleted or a technical glitch caused the problems.

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