Toll bridge action group meeting was a huge success


The meeting by the Warburton Toll Bridge Action Group was held at the Fuse on Warburton Lane in Partington on December 7 and was attended by more than 30 people who included councillors and members of the group, residents also turned up to show concern about the toll bridge and other issues.

Fred Varden a community leader opened up the meeting, and Partington Parish Councillor and member of the Positive Partington Partnership mentioned several facts about the problems residents face on a daily basis which include:
• Scheduled expected redevelopment, homes and new business
• Community involvement – 1 voice for all communities surrounding the bridge
• Getting the local authorities involved
• New development expected new homes to be built-in Partington approx. 560
and 1500 in Carrington.
• Knock on effects of motorway congestion through our towns and villages
• Highest illness rates in NW.
• Using social network to be heard and making a statement

Founder of the Warburton Toll Bridge Action Group Mark Broadstock introduced himself and gave some background information as to why he created the group and raised the following points:
• Frustrations and appointments missed.
• Effects on family life.
• Letters regarding issue dismissed by local councils.
• Level of discontent raised by locals
• All available land constantly looked at by corporate giants
• Impact statements to be completed to get MP support
• Yearly pass applications for the bridge, no reply from Peel Holdings.
• Bride causing obstruction to highways
• Effects of A57 and immediate surrounding road to toll bridge.
• Risk of cyclists on road leading to bridge and toll booth itself
• Bridge sits in borough of Trafford, pressure on councilors of the borough –
Sean Anstee.
• Peel called meeting today with council regarding council facilitating meeting
with both Peel and our group.
• Staffing issues and staff health and safety in the toll booth
• HS2 – the effects it will have to the bridge and surrounding areas.
• Council tax rates, the bridge brings congestion and nuisance to the area that
we can appeal against our Council Taxes.
• Air pollution/quality to be tested in Partington, Lymm have tested and are
awaiting results.
• Sent a temporary proposal to Peel for interim prior to setting up a meeting.
Proposed free crossing for all vehicles between the hours of 0700-0900 and
1700-1900 to ask peel to show as a gesture of good will. Also, to include free
passing when accidents happen on nearby motorways.
• Steering committee to be formed and strategy to be decided.

A local business woman and Warburton resident ‘Diane Jennings’ pointed out her issues with the toll bridge also Diane also has been paying to allow cars to freely flow through for a couple of nights previous and felt uneasy with the toll bridge staff.

Diane who is a member of the group also believed that congestion was partly down to the road works on the M6/M60 and vehicles have been using the toll bridge as a cut through, and a bus stop has been moved because of the traffic, and now made difficult for disabled residents.

The knock on effect of the congestion and issues around the toll bridge is that disabled residents are missing hospital and doctor appointments, and effects on emergency services trying to get through.

Bucklow councillors present were Aidan Williams, James Wright and Karina Carter, to their credit were incredibly supportive of the group and we have seen action already been taken by them.

Fred closed the succesful meeting and the next one in the new year will include Peel and expected to see Sean Anstee, although this has not been confirmed.



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