Get ready for winter advice designed to keep you and others safe, warm and healthy

Trafford Partnership has drawn up a newsletter designed to keep everybody in Trafford safe, warm and healthy during the winter months.

The newsletter gives useful information to help you through the winter and how to look after the most vulnerable people in our borough.

Sean Anstee leader or Trafford Council and Chair of Trafford Partnership said: “We have published this newsletter to provide information to help you through the winter months and how to look out for our elderly and vulnerable relatives, friends and neighbours.

“For some people, the winter weather,even if it is mild, poses considerable challenges. Visiting an elderly or vulnerable relative or neighbour can have a huge impact on their happiness, health and wellbeing.

“Trafford’s community spirit is one of our greatest strengths. Be Bold, Be the Difference and knock on your neighbours’ door today or get involved with a local community group to build your own skills and wellbeing.
“On behalf of the Trafford Partnership, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, but more importantly, a safe, warm and healthy New Year.”

You can view the newsletter in full HERE


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