Air Pollution

Pollution from standing traffic near to Warburton Toll Bridge causing concern

Pollution is one of the side effects of all the standing traffic that circles towards Warburton Toll Bridge in Warburton on a daily basis, there is some confusion as to exactly what the cause of the congestion, some saying its down to motorway issues, and others say it’s the toll booth.

Pollution at peak times in this area must be off the scale, with Warburton being mostly farm land, they are right to be concerned about the smells, and more so the dangers of breathing in Nitrogen Dioxide along with particles PM2.5 and PM10 which damage the lungs.

We now have live data from the area, and can see the issues Warburton residents face below is data from last night December 13, measurements are based on (mcg) micrograms per cubic metre: Nitrogen Dioxide (Exhaust Fumes)

  • 10am – 33mcg
  • 11am – 17mcg
  • Noon – 16mcg
  • 1pm – 16mcg
  • 2pm – 7mcg
  • 3pm – 5mcg
  • 4pm – 8mcg
  • 5pm – 10mcg
  • 6pm – 25mcg
  • 7pm – 44mcg
  • 8pm – 9mcg
  • 9pm – 10mcg
  • 10pm – 2mcg
  • 11pm – 3mcg
  • Midnight – 4mcg

The data for today we can see at 9am NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) in the area was very high at 35mcg.

Ozone was recorded at 80mcg per cubic metre between the hours of 10pm and 11pm last night, although has remained fairly high right through December 13 and today is no different although at 9am shown a lower recording.

We have no data on particulates at this time, it is expected to be higher during peak times in this area as cars emit toxic gas into the air.

To give an indication on how Warburton and surrounding areas compare lets look at Stretford A56:

  • 11am – 57mcg
  • Noon – 57mcg
  • 1pm – 42mcg
  • 2pm – 23mcg
  • 3pm – 12mcg
  • 4pm – 28mcg
  • 5pm – 40mcg
  • 6pm – 57mcg
  • 7pm – 80mcg
  • 8pm – 42mcg
  • 9pm – 42mcg
  • 10pm – 22mcg
  • 11pm – 4mcg
  • Midnight – 12mcg

Today December 14 the highest NO2 recorded in Stretford was at 9am and was 89mcg and we have particulates information from the A56 in Stretford which was higher at 7pm last night and 9am this morning.

Despite the obvious issues in and around Warburton our reasearch concludes that the problem is a number of things, one is road infrastructure, this is a problem almost everywhere as the pace of car ownership continues at a fast rate, and with no new roads built, all that will happen is what we are witnessing, it will get worse! as for the toll booth it seems that Peel could look at the booths, and fix the problem.




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