Ancient graveyard is a bit of magic Partington cannot give up

Partington is full of history, with a WW2 aircraft battery stationed on Cross Lane Fields, and other things that are very visible today, one of the most interesting part of the history of the area is a place that has been named Coroner Woods, which is situated just off Oak Road.

Lets dig deeper, in 1664 with only around 99 people living in Partington there was a monastery called “St John of Jerusalem” and to this date it is believed where Coroners Wood is now, there was a monks graveyard, the church was destroyed in 1536 and nothing can be seen of it.

Having searched for months on this subject, the graveyard is in fact close to Warburton Park near a farm-house, the graveyard is under a mound and can be seen from the roadside.

HS2 will go right next to this graveyard, and is expected to disturb the graveyard, despite attempts by News4Trafford to get HS2 to move the track about 200m south, so the burial ground will not be disturbed and will give Partington residents on Tulip Road and other roads around it a little present due to the amount of noise HS2 will be making during construction, and once completed with trains going about 200mph the noise and vibration will be felt all over the area.

We must preserve this bit of history, as we should all of our history, but more so on a moral ground, those with power in Partington really should be looking at making sure hisorical parts of the area are kept and even restored and signposted for those interested.

If HS2 get hold of it, Coroners Wood will be gone forever, Partington and the wider area cannot let bit of magic this slip away.


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  1. I have never seen a reference to a monastery in Coroner’s Wood. There was a Praemonstratention Priory in Warburton (next to the old church) and a possible chapel belonging to the Knights Hospitaller (aka Knights of St John) at Onion Farm, Warburton Lane. It is very doubtful in the Hospitaller chapel was anything more than a ‘token’ presence and there is no evidence of any burials adjacent.
    Best regards,


    • Hi, the monastery is not in Coroners Wood in Partington but about a mile to the south of it, it is currently buried under a mound just of Park Road in Warburton, at the top of this road is a Farmhouse, this was where the Monastery once used to stand before it was destroyed, my fear is HS2 is just about to rip up Warburton and go right over the burial ground, thanks for contacting us.


      • Hi, can you provide me with a historic reference for this, I have never heard of it previously, which surprises me as I have been studying the area for the last 20 years! It seems. at face value, to be a bizarre place to site a monastery as the Manor of Warburton was clearly based at Park Farm?


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