Aikido the gentle martial art you can learn in Altrincham

In these times we need to keep switched on to our surroundings, this in itself will keep you safer than say someone with his or her head down!

Martial arts are not just about fighting, its about sharpening your senses, about fitness, and more importantly about belonging to not only a club but a martial art that has some magical qualities.

Aikido is great for all the family, more so for women as it is gentle, you will only have to wear something relaxed and comfortable, maybe a pair of jog bottoms and a t-shirt at the start.

The first time you go to an Aikido class, you will love it! first depending on your instructor will start a warm up, or pay respects to the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, and then on to some KI training, which is really good if you have any ailments, rolling could be next and on to training.

Beginners will start to question why does the instructor or instructors have their arms and hands so relaxed well its simple, if they tensed up, you would never learn anything, or you or the instructor could get injured.

The Martial Art is fluid, everything is moving in one direction, and that direction is to unbalance an attacker, and it works very well, but it will take time!

Aikido is going to help with everything, why not give it a try at your local sports centre, we suggest Trafford Aikido Club which does regular training classes at Altrincham Sports Centre and Wellington Road School in Timperley.

For more information on Aikido and Trafford Aikido Club please click this Link


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