HS2 route through Partington and Warburton is finalised and construction begins sooner than you may think

HS2 the high-speed railway that will connect the entire country revised the route and has now made up its mind and the decision is final.


The route that will devastate Warburton and Partington, both villages already being hit by a lack of road infrastructure and pollution, it will be hard to live in these areas, HIMOR will be building its new Carrington village, then the other one only 90m away from Partington Central Road, and the possibility of Peel re developing Lock Lane is going to create more problems.

Construction of HS2 could begin in around five years time! on the link that goes through Trafford, although the time frame HS2 say is between 2023 and 2033, one thing we can say is that this will happen since it has royal assent and a huge amount of extra funding despite some hiccups along the way.

The Warburton route sees it going through Warburton Park, we believe there is a Grade Listed 2 farm-house nearby and an ancient burial ground that sadly will be dug up, as the decision is final the only thing that people can do is protest.

Partington residents as well as Warburton will get some compensation, to some in Partington this will be accepted, this is understandable depending on how much you will get, we are not sure if compensation is to be paid for people living in Housing Association property.

So what is the possible issues Partington and Warburton residents are going to face once HS2 construction gets underway, it is likely work will be on going around the clock to get the line completed to minimise disruption for residents.

Issues will be from light pollution, noise pollution and vibration and once completed trains at that point will be hitting nearly 200mph which means you will all have to get used to the vibrations and noise,

At the start of construction we think the Future Carrington village will be 3/4 completed by then, and the development nearer Partington will have been completed also, as Peel promised us a statement about their plans for Lock Lane in Partington but failed to deliver on its promises, we cannot say at this time if they are to build on land behind Lock Lane although they have around 4 years to make its mind up.

With all this in mind, and if Peel fails  in the high court, and the judge tells Himor and Trafford that they can proceed with the current plans, Manchester Road and all the roads surrounding it including Warburton Lane will see blocked roads on a daily basis, HS2 will need to make sure they are aware of the likely issues before construction.

HS2 is just around the corner, and a new way of life is just around the corner for residents of Partington and Warburton.



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    • Hi Polly, we are putting together an article soon, on the things people can do, with HS2 their is nothing anyone can do, it is a government scheme and has already been given Royal Assent, any action from locals, all that will happen is HS2 will get security and even police in to remove everyone, it will be much like the Fracking protests! police treated many people badly from what we could see, the one thing I can assure you is that residents of both Partington and Warburton has time on its hands and plenty of it, however for developments like HIMOR’s Future Carrington it is way too late, the good news is the other development nearer SAICA can be stopped, so can the Peel development on Lock Lane although the may never build on this land anyway, one thing we can assure you off is we are on to this, thanks for contacting News4Trafford and we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, all the best = Editor


      • Wot development nr pappermill.. I live in a cottage on the other side of the fields Carrington.. not been told anything


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