Heath Farm Lane consultations being held in Partington

We was the first to provide you with details about the Heath Farm Lane development, with HIMOR’s huge Future Carrington village only yards away, Manchester Road will be at a standstill on a daily basis, and new roads are needed.

Two consultations are being held in Partington, the first will be at St Mary’s Church on Manchester Road on Jan 9 between 2pm and 7pm, this is your chance to get your concerns raised, we want Warburton and Carrington residents to attend also as this development with the HIMOR development will cause chaos on Manchester Road and Warburton Lane, along with other roads in the area since no new road infrastructure has seemingly never been thought about by those building these big mini villages.

Your councillors will be important in these consultations, you have your say, ultimately the decision will be with the councillors and the others at the Trafford Council planning meeting.

The development will be built by a combined venture between Linden Homes and Laurus Homes.

Please get down to the consultations, it is vital you do!


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