CES Las Vegas showcases the latest in technology

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is held every year in Las Vegas and showcases everything brand new in technology, over 200,000 people are thought to have attended CES 2018.

Big tech names are at the event, Samsung shown off their latest big screen TV’s with Bixby, and a TV named “The wall” and a new notebook was showcased, we are expecting Samsung to announce the latest mobile phone, the S9 which we believe looks very similar to the S8.

Sony shown their mobile phones off to the world, the XA2, XA Ultra and L2, and a TV called X900f and a 4K projector.

LG were at the annual conference showcasing a refrigerator called InstaView ThinQ and a top load washer and dryer, this looks like a relic from the past with a modern twist.

HTC also was involved showcasing their Virtual Reality headset “Vive” with some updates, Google were at the conference, and it is normal for them to be fairly quiet, this year they were gigantic, we saw a monorail with a Google all over it and expect more from them during the two-week stay.

This year is going to be all about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Hanson Robotics were on hand showing off their lifelike robot “Sophia” this robot is so lifelike she could easily fit in with the crowd, of course it will take a couple of years to perfect everything.

It is said that in just a couple of years more and more of these lifelike robots will be walking among us, and this years CES in Las Vegas shows us the way things are going to be very soon.




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