Trafford Liberal Democrats welcome additional funds for roads in the borough

A lot has been said recently about the additional funds raised on top of what was already allocated to improving Trafford’s roads, what really matters is that road users will be able to travel in much safer and comfortable conditions.


Park Road Timperley: Image William Jones

Trafford Lib Dems have welcomed to the additional funding, although they claim that it has come too late for Trafford residents as the roads have been crumbling under them on a daily basis, with potholes that was once filled now re-opened up leaving not only a gaping hole but a mass of tarmac which can make it unsafe more so for cyclists.

The group did a survey recently and found 90% of respondents said they saw a pothole on a regular basis and 50% said that a pothole had damaged their vehicles.

Cllr Jane Brophy said –

”It really is shocking that some potholes are now bigger after the patchwork repairs are disintegrating. My colleague William Jones has fed back a lot of angry comments from residents who have contacted him and I have received many messages on the subject myself.” 

William Jones added –

”We need a real plan for Trafford’s roads not just patchwork repairs, the £4 million is merely a sticking plaster over the real problem; an incompetent Conservative Group with no real direction or plan for Trafford.”

Trafford Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign for something better for Trafford’s road and infrastructure plan.


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