We visited Heath Farm Lane and saw enough land to have two villages

We recorded a video at Heath Farm Lane today Jan 12, we wanted to show you the size of the place, and was gobsmacked at how big the space is.

The lane is not long, and at the top is a fence saying ‘Private Road’ it is likely this will be opened up once developers get the green light sometime in March.

On the other side of where the development will be built does not look great, big rivers of what looks like soy sauce! this is obviously contaminated.

We could see where the security site was, and abandoned, it felt a bit creepy to be honest, but at least it was quiet, and this is what the people of this new development will like the most, the trees are dense enough to keep things quiet, and may help with pollution issues.

If developers can help create a few more shops and maybe another doctors, everyone would be happy, it will also need to ask about SAICA and other industry in the area, that huge big what looks like a bunsen burner is a polypropylene extractor, I think just about everyone has seen it, and at times mostly in the summer that flame lights up Trafford.

Lots to be sorted out and we feel developers will do this, helping ease any concerns people may have.


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