New food hygiene ratings for takeaways in Sale have been published

When you go out for a takeaway you expect the establishment to be clean, and that the food is safe to eat.

The food hygiene ratings scoring is simple:

0 – Urgent improvement necessary

1 – Major improvement necessary

2 – Improvement necessary

3 – Generally satisfactory

4 – Good

5 – Very good

These ratings mean a lot to a business, they can often be seem showing their ratings sticker with pride that they have a 5 rating, or even a 4 rating.

The following take-aways have just had their new ratings and all from Sale, we await the Partington result for Ishys on the Oak Road shopping building that really needs to be bulldozed they have had a zero for over a year and for good reason.

Before we get into this, we want to make it clear that this is for information purposes only.

Crispy Cod – 3

Golden Bowl – 3

Lucky Cherry – 3

Spice of India – 3

Us For – Brooklands Metro – 3

We are currently awaiting the results for around five more take-aways in Sale, an interesting one for us would be Dragon City on Washway Road, they offer some of the most amazing meals around, very tasty, however they had a five rating for many years and now they have been on a three for a year or so,  Vera on Coppice Avenue has not been inspected yet, they are currently a satisfactory three rating.

We will update this article further once all the scores have been published or you can see for yourself by clicking this LINK


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