Sale campaign group gets Washway Road moving again

A Sale campaign group who got together to get Washway Road and surrounding roads safer due to the amount of vehicles on the road has won the day after TFGM (Transport For Greater Manchester) admitted that their was a fault on a set of lights at the Park Road/A56 junction.

Lead campaigner of the ‘Washway Road Action Group’ Simon Burrows and Trafford Labour councillor Amy Whyte have both done a great job contacting both One Trafford and TFGM on a regular basis.,

The group also enlisted the help of GMP (Greater Manchester Police) which responded and continue to look at ways to make things safer for residents.

Other members of the group also played and continue to play a big role sending in photos and videos on social media.

Mr Burrows on behalf of the group commented “After months of persistence and support from a number of residents and Trafford Labour Councillor Amy Whyte we have found out from TFGM that there was an issue with the Vehicle Detection System at a set of lights at the Park Road/A56 junction.

“We have been assured that this fault at the lights has now been fixed which TFGM believes will ease traffic on Washway Road heading South bound towards Altrincham.

“The group is still waiting for a response from TFGM about some valid questions that was asked, more about assurances that the lights will not become faulty again, and would they be testing them to make sure of this.

“Our group has grown and since we have had meetings about issues in the locality, residents have their say and they feel something is being done, and we welcome more to the group, which often attracts local political councillors from all sides.”

A meeting is to be held on March 6th where lead members of the group will meet with an official of One Trafford to resolve the ongoing issues out of a road called ‘The Drive’ which links up with Washway Road an odd name, and getting a resolution at this junction with be incredibly difficult, parking is also an issue and will be looked at.

We will continue to follow closely what the group are doing and further update you what is to be planned.


(Image: Google Maps)


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