UK leading Martial Arts magazine is no more after 30 years

The UK’s number one martial arts magazine has now been ended after 30 years as it went into liquidation.

Many martial artists and indeed people who worked for the magazine and  the fans brought their feelings to the MAI Facebook page, many very sad to see it go, and wished the editor Bob Sykes all the best.

In its early days MAI as it is known had competition with a rival called ‘Combat’ this came at a time when Martial Arts were more popular and more importantly cheaper, both magazines were also much cheaper.

MAI rival Combat Magazine was always much bigger although less glossy, and the quality was much less, even so the magazine was a hit with most people and was a sad day when it was ended, similarly with this news about MAI.

Martial Arts has its place in the UK, it is still fairly popular, and more people should take it up, although looking at the costs, we would say though it is worth while paying a little bit more to give you that edge one day when you need to be able to defend yourself and those around you.

Martial Arts Illustrated or MIA has also ended its website, and the only contact is through Facebook at this time, some people are seen complaining about subscriptions, some have paid up front for a year and have only had a couple of magazines, it is hoped that these people will get refunded.



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