Universal Credit the benefit of doom

Universal Credit is a benefit that gives the individual a monthly payment which includes housing benefit and has been a complete disaster from day 1.

The nightmare starts when you claim this benefit, having to wait over a month, sometimes longer to get any money, now for a struggling person or family who have already next to no money this can be a traumatic time.

Many have to hope that family and friends can help, even that is not enough, no one will prop you up all of that time, so you go for a loan, this will help once you get it, however the government want this back leaving you in debt even before you get the benefit.

Having got the benefit, it is much higher than normal due to the housing benefit being included, can you see anyone paying this to the landlord? remember you now have a debt to not only your parents, your friends, maybe you owe the local corner shop who allowed you some tick, and of course you will have no option but to pay the government back for that loan.

So you give the two fingers to the landlord or housing group, thinking you will be alright, they cannot kick you out goes through your head, or I have kids they would not kick us out! so now you are in debt with the landlord or housing group, remember you will be nearer 2 months in debt.

You get the next payment, not as bad now, no one to pay other than the government, do you forget the most important thing to pay again? maybe your child has a birthday coming up and you want to get her or him something nice, so you head out to the Trafford Centre and have a small spending spree on your child, and why not! then it hits you the next day…..the letter drops on the mat, it is not a welcome note, not a cheque someone somewhere owes you, or a free mobile phone of your choice.

The landlord/Housing association have already warned you, even tried to help you, well you thought that they will understand, we will sort it out, they are not nasty like that, we all have delays in life…..this time it is notice of possession!

The shock goes through you like a knife…..you check your money, you now have only enough to get through until the next payment which is three weeks away! do you borrow…shit how much do I owe again!

You may think about criminality, rob from a shop! personal robbery? burglary? all the things you have no experience in doing, if you have kids this would be a nightmare thought, and ultimately you will be the one ending up in the shit, some people get away with it for a small time, they all get caught! it’s just no one ever tells that bit of truth.

The reality of Universal Credit is that no one can survive on it unless you have good backing which is damn rare, the sanctions just makes things worse for people already in a desperate situation, it is like the government want to wipe the slate clean taking those on the benefit with it.

People have died because of this benefit, being homeless is something so horrific you will never know until you experience it, Universal Credit is helping to increase this reality, if you have kids they are now in care or with family, you are on your own.

It is alright for those that are not on this benefit to claim all kinds of things, one day they may end up on it, nothing is ever certain in the world we live in, those roaming around in flash cars, and a good job, could suddenly end up on the scrap-heap, having a lifestyle where money was no issue, where you could get that new iPhone, or a pair of Nike’s for about £150 or a bottle of Creed at £250 a bottle, anything you could have now you cannot even afford the electric to keep the TV on.

We have asked DWP and they told us that their are next to no jobs for people to walk into anymore, when a job comes up thousands go for it, it is likely many will end up on zero hours or in part time work, this would be of little use to anyone, people need a proper full time job that pays well, what if you are unwell? or you have kids and no one to look after them? it’s not that people do not want to work, that is a Tory manipulation, it is simply because of either their is no jobs, it does not pay enough or their is no one to look after the kids, this is the reality, the manipulation is in the Tory speak! “Ger a job you lazy *****” or other things, that people would do for sure, the reality is very different.

Nothing is certain in this world, the world of reality something the Tories do not dare go!


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