Fly tipping is a disgrace what we saw in Partington was shocking

Heath Farm Lane in Partington is normally in articles about a gigantic housing development that is expected to get approval at planning sometime this month, however it was about a fly tip that went beyond a disgrace, it was simply shocking and very smelly.


The mess can be seen on the the right hand side around 20 metres from the moment you turn into Heath Farm Lane.

Pictures did not do the size of this fly tip any real justice, it was so large, the size of this thing is very big, within the mess are around 20 full bags of rubbish maybe more, we saw a hoover and other household waste.

We have reported this to Trafford Council, it is not known how long the rubbish had been hanging around, although with the smells we would say a couple of weeks.

With the weather going warmer this bank holiday weekend this mess will only get more smelly and attract fly’s and vermin which ultimately affect nearby homes.

The disgrace of all this is that their is a tip only 5/10 minutes away from Heath Farm Lane, it is all household waist and would have been completely free to dump it all.



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