Group of armed yobs steal kids bikes in Walton Park

One of the most family friendly parks also has a serious criminality problem that it cannot shake off.

A gang of yobs thought to be all under 18 came with what is clained to have been a machete and robbed several bikes on June 8th at around 5pm on the playground part of the park.

We are not sure if anyone was around at the time, it is though another blow for the park’s image.

Police were contacted and are currently dealing with the matter, it comes after problems in recent times with males coming out of the sports centre jacked up on steroids and other performance enhancing drugs causing park users some issues.

We are aware police are also aware and are dealing with the incidents in Walton Park Sports Centre.

Many people though come to the park and experience no issues and enjoy their time, so we suggest not to give in to those that want to destroy everything and come and have a good time.

Soon the park will have lots of events that everyone can enjoy and they are very popular.

Security though does need to be improved and it for the park group to come out of its shell and help with this and why it was possible that a group of people from a neighbouring road was able to destroy one side of a park.

One member of this park group has threatened to resign over the way some of the group are behaving, although we cannot say what is going on, it is hoped they are strong enough and able to run this park as well as they have always done in the past.


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