A shortage of CO2 means no fizz in our drinks over summer

A shortage of carbon dioxide which puts the fizz in our soft drinks and some lager has almost run out as producers decide to stop production for maintenance.

All drinks with the fizz are hit and it might mean you will have to choose something else this summer unless the big names can find some supplies from Europe to keep us all happy.

The UK has been hit hardest as only one producer is online and has seen big names drinks makers panic as demand soars due to the hot weather, soon supplies already on the shelves and in stock will run out unless something can be done and soon

Money of course is an issue as the type of gas that goes into drinks from ammonia plants rises so profit is not that great for the producer.

Europe is also hit by the carbon dioxide draught, as of now stocks are fine all over the UK and it is not currently known how long these stocks will last as most of the UK will see higher temperatures in the next few days.

Huge names like McDonalds and KFC along with all the others will be hit hard, and may well be forced to offer a drink without the fizz until supplies return to normal.


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