Who is in control of Walton Park in Sale?

Walton Park in Sale has had its troubles lately with criminality and sadly lots of tree cutting, and we wanted to know why people have not been told or had a consultation to see if users were happy that a quarter of the trees in the park have now vanished.

A Trafford Council spokesperson tells us that one tree needed to be cut down as it was dangerous, and that all the residents on Marford Crescent had paid for the trees and bushes to be cut down.

The park on that side now looks a right mess with one tree half cut down, it was only a week ago that the tree cutters were back this time doing the western side of the park, although we could see no trees cut down, many branches from them trees had been cut.

In total we saw 21 branches and all bushes had been cleared, so did residents who now are completely exposed on Walton Road pay for the workmen to come out.

We ask when will this madness stop? and so as the headline says “Who is in control of Walton Park” is a good one since it seems residents are, they can go to the council tell them that they will pay to mess up the park in any way they like and the council says “Yes”

Now that it’s a Labour run council, will this change things? can this council tell residents enough is enough even with your money you have had a hand in trying to destroy this park, the park group is silent and people are getting rather concerned.

Let us tell residents that people are on to you, anymore destruction of this park just because of your own selfish needs is not acceptable, and work the size of what has already been done will be stopped by force if necessary.

Walton Park despite its troubles is a great park, one if not the best in Trafford, it brings families in from all over, people can chill out on the many benches, walk their dogs, ride on the smelly steam train, and play sports.




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