Apple email scam the best we have ever seen we offer advice on how to protect yourself from such scams

Scams are on the rise, it seems every day we hear of one, some are easily spotted, this one is the best we have ever come across.


When you check emails now, just about everyone checks the senders details so not to be fooled or caught out by crafty scammers, this one gives you the proper details!

You will open it as it tells you that your Apple ID will become invalid in 24hrs due to some changes to your account, having checked the email fully and after a few minutes we saw an error in the script, and then the big give away was the email address that had been the scammers details hidden from view on first and second glance.

If you get this email ask yourself did you change any details recently? why has nothing come up on my iPhone or iPad? and why the hell are Apple contacting me for in such a way when you know this would never happen.


Using a bit of sense to these situations before you click is the best way to prevent all your information being stolen, the scammer would empty your bank account, use your details for further fraud all over the world in just the matter of seconds.

As the world heats up, money has become the hottest property, do not let a scammer burn a hole in your bank balance and report it to action fraud as soon as you can.

To report any scam please click this link >>>> https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

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