Redrow propose two new housing developments in and just outside of Partington

We have seen a document today confirming that Redrow are proposing two new developments of land behind the Redbrook Trail on Warburton Lane, which means some of the development will be in Warburton as well as Partington.

Both  housing developments either side of Warburton Lane will see a further 475 new homes created.

It is so new not many people are aware, we cannot say if the Trafford Labour councillors are aware at this time and no one has heard anything from them.

Will HS2 cause issues for people? the line will come very close to the western side of Warburton Lane development once built.

We will reject this new proposal instantly if no new shops and medical infrastructure are built, and most importantly a new road built to help ease traffic on Warburton Lane which will be affected badly once the developments at Heath Farm Lane and the Warburton Lane have been built.

It is possible also that Peel will get their housing development built on Lock Lane, and likely traffic from the Future Carrington village will end up coming in and out of Partington, this will have a bad impact on people in Warburton who are already seeing a daily build up of traffic that is incredibly bad.

You can see what the Warburton Lane housing developments will be like as Redtow are on hand to have a chat and show the plans at the Fuse on Warburton Lane on Thursday between 4pm and 7pm.

If you cannot make it, you can go to the website which will be available from Wednesday which is http://www.warburtonlane,com

You can also contact the developers on 0161 836 6910 or email comment@indigoplanning.com


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