More bad news for Virgin Media customers as ITV could leave its platform by the weekend

It is a hard time for the 4 million or so Virgin Media customers these days, those with TV packages have lost UKTV channels and now it could lose all ITV channels according to a national newspaper.

This is not the first time though that ITV and Virgin Media have had an issue, it is thought though this time it is very serious and ITV could pull the plug as early as this weekend.

If ITV does pull out it would mean all channels and catch up will be gone, if this happens you will need to use your freeview channels to watch ITV.

If you are in a long-term contract with the Virgin it will be hard to cancel, although it would be worth investigating to see what your legal rights are with this, more so if you have the ‘full house’ bundle.

It is not known what the issues are at this time with Virgin Media and its finances, talk of takeovers are always on the horizon and for the 4 million of its TV subscribers that day cannot come quick enough.

The company has had a murky past, it ended up on national TV due to many people complaining about its broadband speeds, here in Sale at that time speeds were around 4 to 5mbps which is slower than 2G on a mobile phone!



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