As we see Poundworld gone forever and other stores closing is Sale becoming to expensive for retailers?

Poundworld was trading up to yesterday when suddenly the store closed after several years providing discounted products.

The discounter was forced into administration however no buyer could be found and all of its stores had to close with the loss of thousands of jobs.

A member of staff at the Sale poundworld told us before it was closed that they had issues with the rent and overheads, another manager of a clothes store agreed that it is increasingly difficult to survive on the high street for a number of factors.

Footfall is one of the biggest reasons why a shop could go under, if the price is not right the customer will not enter your shop says the manager, however the cost of the goods he buys have gone up, to make anything on it you will need to offer it at a slightly higher price.

The overheads are higher, you have to pay for the electric, council tax, and other rates, if you have no one coming in simply because you have to charge slightly more, you will see no profit, and the business will soon have to close.

Online retailers are though the main reason why high street shops are closing down, Amazon offers next day delivery and an ocean of products at your finger tips and often at cheaper prices.

Sadly for Poundworld the end has come leaving another empty shop in Sale, with Argos gone and no buyer still found for its School Road store, Meehans furniture store now empty, and more stores we have been told set to close soon in Sale things are slowly looking bleak.

With the new plans for Sale being submitted to planning will this change the fortunes for Sale shopping area? we shall see.


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