The mystery of what has happened to rock star Avril Lavigne continues

Avril lavign is without any question one of the greatest rock and pop singers of our time, she has millions of fans world-wide however many are asking where is she.

The singer from Canada has promised fans for well over a year that a new album is to be released, even saying on her instagram account that she was happy with things and will be releasing it very soon, and nothing has been released.

Some fans are speculating that a stand in model is now seen on many of Avril’s pictures, indeed only today we saw a picture and we could see that it was not Avril in the picture, either that or she has had serious plastic surgery on her face! and that is unlikely, even her body looks different in the picture which you can see below


It is not for us to say what has happened to Avril, or what is going on, we can say though something is seemingly not right and it would be better for Avril to come out with this album as soon as she can and show fans that she is well and that the pictures seen were of her stand in known as melissa.

Avril has suffered with Lyme disease in the past and has had a couple of relationship breakdowns in her life.

Let’s hope we see the real Avril real soon as we at News4Trafford love her music as much as everyone else.

(Photo: Avril Lavigne Instagram)



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