Former Partington councillor speaks with N4T about current councillors and Partington

A former councillor has spoken with your News4Trafford about the current councillors and other views on Partington.

He has come out and told us he felt the two councillors who do not live in the area are doing next to nothing for Partington, and was less critical of the other one.

The councillor who did not want to be named told us to keep at it, and helping the area which is so welcomed, as Partington and indeed Carrington needs some help with so much going on around them.

We spoke with the leader Andrew Western who wrote to us in a proffessional way he was incredibly supportive of our reporter and did realise that maybe he had been conned into some things with regard to a particular councillor.

He told us that one councillor who we cannot name to protect her was maybe a manipulativeĀ  person, however he felt that she was doing a good enough job.

We appreciate what Andrew said, he is a good listener with attention to detail something a good leader has, he cares greatly about Trafford.

As for Partington we continue to keep our foot in the door, only to help where we are needed, making sure everyone is aware of what is going on with some opinion.

Some councillors get along some do not, this is just the way it is.

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