Dirty take away in Timperley keeps its dreadful 1 food hygiene rating score

A take-away in Timperley that once boasted a 5 food hygiene rating score has for the second time running managed only a 1 score.

Food Hygiene ratings go from 0 to 5, 0 being the worst score you can get and 5 being the best.

Turkish Grill on Park Road was recently inspected by environmental health and we have given you a run down of what they found below:

  • No written food safety management system
  • Storing food in cans
  • No temperature records
  • No hot water for sink
  • Fridge high at 8.3c
  • Still uses the tongue to turn beef burgers even though inspectors told them not to
  • No towels to wash hands
  • Microwave, can opener, shelves in fridge, fans, walls all dirty

The chances of getting a bug from this placeis touch and go although we understand they do serve some very nice kebabs and pizza and the choice would be completely yours.

One resident told us they sold him a chicken kebab and when he chewed through it found the chicken pink raw which really is disgusting.

Environmental officers also noted that no training was evident after asking the take-away to provide staff with the proper training.

Another part of the inspection sheet talked about them finding fly’s somewhere although we could not make out exactly where they had been found due to the poor handwriting.

In the past we found even during the hot weather chicken nuggets and onion rings in plastic cases right next to the fryer when they should have been in the freezer when not in use.

The take-away employed back then young guys who are likely to have had little or no training in food hygiene although did a fairly good job at cooking the food.

After the inspectors came in it is expected that everything they found wrong will be put right and people can enjoy the food made as normal with the added assurance that what they have consumed is in a place fit to cook food in.



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