One Trafford workers are using a risky weed killer

After the case in America where a judge slapped a million dollar fine on Monsanto (Bayer)  the maker of Roundup because it was proven the ingredient ‘Glyphosate’ caused a man’s cancer, in Brazil, they have now banned the weedkiller and France is trying hard to get it banned.

The makers of Round Up and other products containing Glyphosate claim it is safe to use, the evidence though is against these claims and countries are now banning the chemical.

The chemicals used by farmers will now be looked at more closely since they spray a range of toxic and non-toxic chemicals on our foods, and these chemicals will also travel in the air.

Last year we asked Trafford Council about what they are using on our roads and places where vegetation is overgrown a spokesman said: “Thank you for your email of 31st July 2017 where you requested information about the chemicals currently being used to kill off all the vegetation around Trafford.

“The weedkiller used on the highway is Mascot Hi Active containing the active ingredient Glyphosate.

“Glyphosate is the safest herbicide available and is de-activated on contact with soil. In cemeteries and on some grass verges we have mixed Chikara with Glyphosate to give a residual effect and minimise spraying.”

It is thought the council are still using Mascot Hi.

We suggest all One Trafford workers who have to deal with this chemical to have a word with management about their safety when using these sprays,

We saw two men spraying Glyphosate all over the paths last year, the thing was soon after they had left, the rain started to fall and caused chemical puddles.

Residents are also at risk by using weedkiller such as Roundup although it has not been banned in the UK yet.

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